Scentsy Starter Pack!

Hey guys,

The scentsy starter pack arrived today. As previously said I mainly got this to try out the brand and starter pack seemed a good way to do this. It arrived today and the box weights a lot. A good bit of the weight is from the booklets and leaflets it comes with though but it did contain a full size warmer and a small plug in type and a lot of other things so first impressions it looks worth the £91 it costs (£85 plus £6 shipping). I will do a full review when I’ve had time to check the products and let you know what I think but for now I wanted to post a wee preview. I will do a full review breaking down each item soon with prices of each, how much it costs all together, what you saving buying the kit etc. If anyone would like to try the kit out themselves if you go on my page and ‘join my team‘ then you can purchase it for £91. If you already use scentsy let me know what scents you like so I can find them in the tester bag as I plan to review every scent in the bag (and there is a lot!) or if you want to buy anything again feel free to use my page and be my first and prob only buyer haha.


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