New Year…! Welcome 2018

Hi all! We are into a New Year now. 2018. Crazy! Hope you all had a great new year and are ready for 2018. My 2017 was a mixed year which started off really in the worst way but had some of the best times later on in the year. I hope 2018 will be better still!

Are any of you making New Year resolutions? I never make them as such but I do take this as the chance to start up new things. I’ve been saving to move out but over Christmas I haven’t managed to save much and may of treated myself a bit more than I should (who can resist a sale!) so I plan to save more. I also want to try eat a bit better as some of my clothes have become a bit tighter (ie no longer fit!) so got few pounds to lose there. I also plan to try use my bullet journal again this year to help with these goals. I loved my last one but around last summer I slipped off and stopped really using it so I have a new one I plan to set up tonight. In it I am going to set 18 goals for 2018. I say goals rather than resolutions as it is more goals haha. Does anyone else have goals in mind? Once I have wrote mine out I will share them so you can all help me keep on track! Some will be fun and some will be real tasks and I then plan to track how I do on them weekly and/or monthly.

Let me know your hopes or goals for 2018!


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