Does anyone use this site? I’ve been using it so much lately and it’s slowing starting to earn me some pennies. She far I’ve earned £50 cashback from things I’d buy anyway! The site works by you basically buying whatever you plan to buy online but instead of you going straight to the website yourself you go on topcashback and go to the company website being a link of their site (or app. I personally use the phone app). They then can track if you spend on the website and you get a percentage of the pennies back! Every company offers different percentages though some are low but some can be quite high (I got 10% off Groupon yesterday!) Right now and untill 22nd of Jan if you join on my referral link and earn £10 you get a free £5 argos gift card (I also get some pennies!). It’s a great time of year to start thinking about saving and this is one extra way to do that without actually having to spend anymore. I ordered pizza last night and earned £1 of it back. It’s not massive amounts of money but it can all build up! You don’t get the money right away though it does take a couple months which is why I’m only starting to get pennies back now. You can either get money straight to your bank, to paypal or in form of a gift card to some stores.

If you fancy joining and checking it out and want to use my referral link then it is here

If you would like more posts on money saving ie deals like the urban decay post or links to things like this let me know. I know some of you might of made revolutions to save more and it’s something I am trying to do too as I am saving to move out of home.

edit to add – this isn’t a sponsored post or anything and none of my posts are I just really want to share this money saving with as many people as possible as I don’t feel enough benefit from it and since I found it was a thing I want to help more people. I would get some money from this but only if you earn over £10.


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