Soap and Glory – Happy Glamper

Hello all. Sorry for the few month absence! I am back! I actually got a new puppy around my last post so I have been crazy busy with things to do with her. Now that she’s getting past the early puppy stage I will have some time to write on here again!

On to the post!

On Wednesday morning I got a email from MoneySavingExpert and on it there was a bit about a new soap and glory set. As you know I have a little bit of an addiction to their gift sets so guess what I went to get on my lunch break the same day!

This set is called Soap and Glory Happy Glamper and is aimed at anyone going out camping/glaming, festivals etc. It comes in a lovely little bag to hold all your stuff in. 

It contains travel size products that you would require such as face wipes, hand maid, body spray and dry shampoo. It also has eye liner and lip colour (which are obviously essentials…. or not ha). The two exclusives in this set aside from the bag are the brush and coat. The coat is handy to put in a bag for a emergency for a wet day. I have tried it on and it was big but not too massively on me so I am going to guess it’d fit 12/14 at least UK sizing. I’ve not got a picture of it as it took me ages to fold it away but can get one if there is interest. 

The brush pictured above has the soap and glory branding in back and is perfect to keep in your hand bag. This is a great wee seat to get a few different products in if you are after some of these but maybe not ideal if you aren’t. As an addict I have to buy though. This is currently £16 in boots so it’s not overly expensive. You can get it in store or online here. The wee bag is great. I actually have too many bags for myself so I am tempted to use it for my dogs grooming stuff or a treat bag. 

I do like this set and if you are going to go camping or a festival it’s a great thing to pick up. Likewise if you have a friend going to one it makes a great gift. 

For anyone who wants to know full list and sizes of products are:

Shower Proof Cover All

Fold away brush

Off Your Face wipes (25 wipes)

Original Pink Body Spray (100ml)

Hand Maid (50ml)

Supercat Skinny Eyeliner – Black

Sexy Mother Puker Matt Lip (shade fire cracker)

Dry Shampoo (50ml) – forgot to picutre this. 

For anyone interested in the coat there is a picture on the leaflet. 

Let me know if you want a review on any of the products in this too!


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