Woodwick Candle – Fraiser Fir

I currently have this candle lit and had to review it. This is one of the best candles I’ve ever purchased with a price tag to show it haha. 

Here it is…

It’s beautiful. I bought this ages ago and have held of for Christmas week to use it as this one smells like a Christmas tree! Having now used it I can tell you it really does! The smell is amazing and goes through the full house. I’ve never had a candle that had such a powerful smell that traveled so far through my house. It’s amazing. It also has a long wick thing at top which makes it crackle as it burns and it sounds like a fire burning. It’s amazing. I have a video recording I can stick up if anyone is interested it seeing it in action. 

It’s amazing. I know my mum has me a woodwick candle for Christmas so I am now even more excited to get that of her now. Has anyone else got this candle? If you fancy picking it up before Christmas… not much time but I got mines in the 3 for 2 in Boots. It’s still online although you’d not get it for Christmas if you order but it might be in stores! 

One thing that makes it feel like Christmas is the scent of a real tree and as we don’t have a real one this year this is the ideal candle. It’s worth the price if you can get it on the 3 for 2. I am really impressed! It was worth waiting weeks to use it. 

Now I am off to watch a Christmas film with my candle burning away! 



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