Review – Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects

In my last glossy box you may remember I got a super glittery nail polish by Collection in shade 31 Touch of Glamour. I put this nail polish on my nails on Christmas Eve and this is how it looks after 7 days. 

Only slightly chipped on my ‘pointer finger’! 

The nail polish recommends two coats of colour and you 100% need to do this. One coat you can barely see anything. I think if you had another colour underneath however one coat over the top could be really nice. For the look on my nails I recommend 3 thin coats. It is quick a thick polish due to the glitter so if you do it as thin as possible it looks a lot nicer and not too grainy. Once you do that you will need a top coat on top as it is really grainy on your nails and without one it will catch and chip fast. I don’t own the Collection 2 in 1 top coat that it recommends so I used two coats of Revlon ColorStay topcoat. The reason I went for two was I felt it was still quite grainy feeling with only one and I wanted it to be smooth. Two coats did this for me. I also think this has helped it last so long. 

I think for the price of £2.99 this is decent enough value. The bottle is quite small so I think you may only get about 3-4 uses out of it due to how thick the polish is as mines has already gone down a fair bit. The long lasting side of it’s name seems to hold true but that may be due to using a higher priced top coat. All in all I am fairly impressed with it! I’m not sure if I’d purchase the shade as I’m not keen on the sort of black bits of glitter in it and would prefer it all the goldy shades. I would however look at the brand for other nail polishes as it has lasted well on my nails! 

I would give it a 4/5 purely as the shade isn’t quite what I expected. It’s good that glossy box let me try this brand as I tend to avoid cheaper nail polishes as I always think they will chip really quickly but this wasn’t the case here!


Edit to review – I just removed this nail polish and found this is the hardest nail polish I’ve ever had to remove. Took me ages so due to this I doubt I will reuse. If I do I would stick to maybe one nail on each hand. I did forget a base coat so this may be part of the reason. Even with that I’ve used glitter polishes before and never had as hard a time to remove.   



  1. I wish I had read your review before I purchased this nail polish….
    I put mine on for New Years’ Eve and only today tried to remove it, it was wearing away in several places a couple of days ago but I only got round to removing it today. I bought it from Superdrug along with their own brand nail polish remover.
    Twenty five minutes after I started, I was still working on the little finger of my other hand….
    A total nightmare, never to be repeated – I only put 2 coats on!

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    • I know right!!! I was nearly crying trying to remove it. Tried soaking it like gel nail polishes and everything. Right in bin I had to put it. It put me off glittery polishes now too as I don’t want to have that experience again.


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